Welcome to Nurture Nature Baby Massage!

Nurture Nature provides home based classes for your little one in Ballincollig, Co. Cork

Mid-week classes, Saturday Classes, Private sessions, One off sessions for colic, both parents/carers welcome. Baby/Infant massage is suitable for babies from birth to one year.


In many ancient cultures the gentle art of infant massage has been part of baby caregiving traditions passed from parent to child for generations. An Indian mother regularly massages everyone in her family and passes these techniques onto her daughters.

Baby massage is nurturing touch. This is key – when you massage your baby you are not just giving a massage – you are fostering nurturing touch and all of its benefits.

The massage itself is a combination of Indian strokes, Swedish strokes and yoga. The combination and sequence of strokes were uniquely designed by Vimala McClure.

The Colic Routine is a particular sequence of abdominal/tummy massage designed to relieve pain and the tension associated with it. (See How I work above re The Colic Routine.)

It was Vimala McClure who introduced the wonderful gift of infant massage to western cultures .